The IASAS is honored to support music and dance performances at our 2017 Los Angeles California events, which celebrate the creative vision of exceptional synesthete artists. Ticketing and venues for the following shows  to be announced August 20th, 2017.

Oct 1st 2017: Synaesthesia Dance Experience; A 4D Multisensory  Show

This is the first event of its kind to showcase how each performer experiences synaesthesia through ballet, burlesque, roller skating, visual art, food, and music all on one stage. Eight unique acts that create music with their costumes, use projection to show what colors are sensed in musical notes, and LED suits to portray auras. There will also be a sound to taste demonstration with audience participation. This is one of many exciting events that will be hosted by IASAS in the months to come.


Appelusa: Artistic Director/Dance Curator/RollerSkating Choreographer

Appelusa is most recently known for the mesmerizing roller skating choreography in Chet Faker’s VMA nominated “GOLD” music video. Her roller skating roots go back three generations in the industry. She has most recently skated with Katy Perry in Cannes and on the upcoming HBO show, SHARP OBJECTS. She is also an accomplished actor, writer, voice-over artist, photographer, mixed media and performance artist.

As a synaesthete, Appelusa has initiated a community of like-minded people by creating Synesthete Artists and Synesthetes in Los Angeles social groups, discovering and growing a community of over 350 members from around the world. As a visual artist, Appelusa strives to depict how synaesthesia affects her perception of daily life by combining technology, roller dance, photography, and music. She is a founding member of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS), and serves as the organization’s Dance Curator.

Find Appelusa on Twitter and Instagram:
@synaesthesia_dance_exhibition #SDE2017


October 21st, 2017: Kaitlyn Hova in Concert

Kaitlyn Hova is a professional violinist, composer, full stack web developer, designer, neuroscientist, and core team member of Women Who Code. She is also a synesthete. Together with her husband, Matt Hova, Kaitlyn co-founded the Synesthesia Network, a resource dedicated to helping people with synesthesia share their experiences and connect with researchers. Professionally, Kaitlyn has played violin for performances with Michael Bublé, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Mannheim Steamroller, Mary J. Blige, Josh Groban, Rod Stewart and more. “The Hovas” are also the creators of the Hovalin, an open source, 3D printable acoustic violin that helps STEM programs print their school’s music program.

Postponed to 2018: Derek Amato in Concert 

New dates TBA!

After suffering a head trauma from a diving accident in 2006, Derek was diagnosed with both acquired musical savant syndrome and synaesthesia. He is a pianist and composer, whose remarkable skill and artistry demonstrate synaesthetic perception.

Derek currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is the father of three children, an avid fly fisherman, and advocates for several charitable organizations throughout the country. Derek has recently finished his tenure as executive board member with the Invisible Disabilities Association, and currently acts as the executive director of development, with the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists.

Derek is currently undergoing studies at the University Of Miami in the laboratory of synaesthesia researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Berit Brogaard.