NOTE: this schedule is a work in progress and is NOT final. It is subject to revisions and substitutions)

Wednesday, 16 October

18:00 Performance by Kaitlyn & Matt Hova

19:00 Performance by Cristine Söffing

Thursday, 17 October

10:00 Opening Ceremony

10:30 Plenary 1 (MSUPE)

10: 30   Richard Cytowic (George Washington Univ., Washington D.C., USA)

Keynote Speech: “Synesthesia: what do we know? What do we want to know?”

11:30   Romke Rouw (University of Amsterdam, the Netherland)

“What is ‘special’ about synesthesia?”

12:00 break

12:30 Plenary 2 (MSUPE)

12:30   Beat Meier (Univ. of Bern, Switzerland)

“Absolute pitch and sound‐colour synaesthesia provide for unique learning opportunities”

13:00   Jamie Ward (Univ. of Sussex, UK)

“Extreme synaesthesia”

14:00 lunch

15:00 Plenary 3 (MSUPE)

15:00   Anton Sidoroff-Dorso (Moscow Pedagogical State Univ., Russia)

“Auric synesthesia in experiments on perceiving ‘apparent behavior’”

15:30   Mas-Casadesús (University of Edinburgh, UK)

“Assessing systematic differences in intermodal attention in synaesthetes””

16:00   Dina Riccò (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

“Synaesthetic qualities of the images: a study with iconic images in weak synaesthetic subjects” (via Skype)”

16:30 Dinner and transfer

19:00 Concert Opening (Conservatory Small Hall)

Svetlana Rudenko (University of Granada, Spain) & Maura McDonnell (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) 

“Cognitive musicology: Visuals for classical music via cross-modal associations of musical texture”

Kaitlyn Hova (Women Who Code, San Francisco, CA, USA)

“The Hovalin” (violin)

Peter Theremin (терменвокс)

Lecture-concert, performance on theremin

Kaitlyn Hova & Peter Theremin 

Thereminvox and synesthetic violin: “Duet of ether and light”

Ben Neill (Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, NJ, USA)



Friday, 18 October

10:00 Plenary 4 (MSUPE)

10:00   Jasmin Sinha (University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg)

“Sneaking in through the backdoor: A case of unexpected synaesthesia”

10:30   Carol Steen (Touro College and University System, New York, NY, USA)

      “Synesthetic photisms and hypnagogic visions: a comparison”

11:00   Michael Haverkamp (Cologne, Germany)

“Synesthetic design versus multisensory design – differences and benefits”

11:30 break

12:00 Plenary 5 (MSUPE)

12:00   Heather Aldridge (USA);

“Coming to my senses: How a writer harnesses her synesthesia”

12:30   Jinglin Zhang (Chengdu, Sichuan, China) 

“Fashion design inspired by Mozart”

13:00 Konstantin V. Zenkin (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory)

“The Musical: its essence and place in art”

13:30 lunch

14:30 Plenary 6 (MSUPE)

14:30   Carolyn Hart (IASAS Secretary, San Francisco CA, USA) & Lidell Simpson (Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research, University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA)

“By the Sword: Synaesthesia and the art of the duel”

15:00   Sean A. Day (IASAS President; Trident Technical College, Chraleston, SC, USA)

“’What if’: or, Future experiments I’d like to see”

15:50   Michael Banissy (Univ. of London, UK) 

Keynote Speech: “Sharing the experiences of others: Understanding mirror-sensory synaesthesia”


Saturday, 19 October

10:30 Plenary 7 (Conservatory) / Split sections

Room 1:

10:30   Leonid G. Aleksandrov (Chelyabinsk State University)

“The concept of ‘synthetic man’ in the aesthetics of V. F. Odoevski” 

11:00   S. L. Bel’ikh (MEI) & E. L. Rykavishnikova (RGAU-MSHA named after K. A. Timiryazev)

“Aesthetic preferences for landscape design styles depending on the success of tactile and visual transition”

11:30   Vera V. Dragileva (UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA)

“Ideasthesia: a window into the workings of the brain”

Room 2:

10:30   E. A. Elina (Saratov State Law Academy) & O. V. Agapova (Moscow Higher All-Army Command School)

“Russian- and French-language art discourse in the aspect of synesthesia”

11:00   Marina L. Zaitseva (Russian State University named after A. N. Kosygina) 

“Features of synesthesia in the epistolary heritage of romantic composers”

11:30   Marina V. Karaseva (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory)

“Synesthesia in the service of the technique of musical hearing education and artistic psycho-correction”

Room 3:

10:30   Svetlana V. Konanchuk (St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work) 

“Exploring synesthesia in aesthetics”

11:00   Svetlana N. Loseva (Irkutsk State University) 

“Synesthesia in the structure of A. Teplyakov’s musical talent”

11:30   Svetlana I. Malakhova (Moscow State Lomonosov University)

“Synesthesia: How you have a psychic function” 

12:00 break

12:30 Plenary 8 (Conservatory) / Split sections 

Room 1:

12:30   Anastasia S. Mal’ishevskaya (National Research University) 

“Spatial mapping of temporary semantics” 

12:30   Olga V. Mizyurkina (Novosibirsk State Philharmonic)

“Synesthetic films in the study of I. Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring’ in DMS and DSI”

13:00   Nina V. Morozova (Perm State Humanities and Educational University)

“Study of polymodal intersensory figurative means of musical and educational communication”

Room 2:

12:30   Dmitrii A. Nedil’ko (MGPPU) 

“The specialty of empathy and emotional intelligence in individuals with synesthesia of natural development” 

12:30   Larisa P. Prokofyeva (Saratov State V. I. Razumovsky Medical University)

“Report about psycholinguistic methodology research”

13:00   Elena V. Rovenko (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory)

“’Wagnerian Painting’ and the phenomenon of synesthesia”

Room 3:

12:30   Marina S. Starcheus (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory) 

“Color hearing as a subject of interdisciplinary research” 

12:30   Elena S. Tapilina & Natalia G. Tapilina (Central Budget Institution for the Culture of Additional Education: Ekaterinburg Children’s School of Arts No. 9)

“Priority features of the formation of synesthesia perception: example of the work of the Yekaterinburg Children’s School of Art No. 9 and the Sverdlovsk Art School. I.D. Shadra”

13:00   O. A. Guzeyev (Donmet NGO, Donetsk)

“Set for the assessment of dyscalculia in children: interface aspect”

14:00 Lunch 

15:00 Plenary 9 (Conservatory) / Split sections 

Room 1:

15:00   Ilgım Veryeri Alaca (Dept. of Media and Visual Arts, Rumelifeneri Yolu, Istanbul, Turkey) 

“Children’s multisensory reading experiences and synesthesia” 

15:30   Sonia T. Canton, et al. (University of Granada and International Foundation Artecitta, Spain)

“Synaesthesia, emotion and creativity: approximation to the comparative study between students of different ages and educational stages with students with intellectual disability”

16:00   Leonardo Capanni (University of Parma, Italy)

“The rise of synaesthesia in France, between Psychology, Aesthetic, and Medicine”

Room 2:

15:00   Polina Dimova (University of Denver, CO, USA) 

“The color of music: Twenty theses on synaesthesia” 

15:30   Umut Eldem (Royal Conservatoire, Antwerp, Belgium)

“Beyond the pitch: Applying synaesthetic principles to the musical practice”

16:00   Daria Fessalonika (Fessalonika, Moscow)

“Olfactory-color synesthesia in art: colored sense of smell”

Room 3:

15:00   Polina Iaroshenko (Moscow State University) 

“The translation models for verbalized synaesthetic associations (a case study of the French and Russian languages)” 

15:30   Marina Iosifyan (Moscow State University)

“Sensory aspects of cinematic art: cross-fashion associations and film aesthetics”

16:00   Nina P. Kolyadenko (Novosibirsk State Glinka Conservatory)

“The synesthetic painting world in the creativity of Andrei Belogo” 

16:30 break

17:00 Plenary 10 (Conservatory) / Split sections 

Room 1:

17:00   Tatiana V. Kozlova (Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts) 

“Synesthesia and sign language features in artistic and aesthetic activities” 

17:30   Marina Linares (Freie Akademie der Bildenden Künste (FADBK), Essen, Germany)

“Wassily Kandinsky: Synaesthetic artist or synaesthetic art?”

18:00   Svetlana E. Lotsmanova (Academy of Media Industry, Moscow)

“Film installation as an object of a synthetic form of sensory perception”

Room 2:

17:00   Svetlana Y. Lysenko (Khabarovsk State Institute of Culture) 

“Choreographic interpretation of ‘Bolero’ by M. Ravel in modern musical theatre: experience of synesthetic analysis” 

17:30   Rui Ma (Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Suzhou, China)

“Taste sense and its visual metaphor research”

18:00   Kenny McAlpine & Solonge Glasser (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Australia)

“Synthesising Synaesthesia: Algorithmic synaesthesia in virtual and augmented realities”

Room 3:

17:00   Iluminada Perez Frutos (Universidad de Granada y Conservatorio Superior de Música de Granada, Spain) 

“Musical art and synaesthesia: Synergy between smell, colour and sound in music” 

17:30   Amy Neilson Smith (self-employed artist, UK)

“How can developing ‘Tasting Colour’ pedagogical practises, sensorial dialogic narrative and multisensory performance and design, combining the crossmodally of synaesthesia and taste-based poetics, empower vision impaired students by creating an inclusive and metaphorical perception of colour?”

18:00   Eduardo Sola (Burman University, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada)

“Music notation > colour synesthesia: an alternative approach to teaching music to synesthetes”

18:30 Carrie Firman (Edgewood College, Madison WI, USA)

“Creative License and Synesthesia: The Roles of Expressive and Exacting Art Work”

19:00 Conference Dinner 

Sunday, 20 October

10:30 Plenary 11 (Conservatory)

10:30   Christoph Reuter (Univ. of Münster, Germany) & Jörg Jewanski (Univ. of Vienna, 


“Timbre-Color mappings in synesthetes: An evaluation of sources 1812–1988”

11:00   Rustem Sakhabiev (Univ. of Münster, Germany) & Jörg Jewanski (Univ. of Vienna, 


“18 synesthesia congresses in 50 years at the Prometheus Institute in Kazan’, 1967–2015: A statistical overview”

11:30   Jörg Jewanski (Univ. of Vienna, Austria) & Anton Sidoroff-Dorso (Moscow Pedagogical State Univ., Russia)

“The first congress on synesthesia: St. Petersburg 1742”

12:00 break

12:30 Plenary 11 (Conservatory)

12:30   Solange Glasser (The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, Australia) 

“The tip of the iceberg: redefining absolute pitch through the lens of synaesthesia”

13:00   Jingyi Li & Maria José de Córdoba Serrano (Univ. of Granada, Spain) 

“A case of olfactory somatosensory response”

13:30   Anna Mas-Casadesús et al. (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK) 

“Development and assessment of a synaesthesia screening questionnaire”

14:00   Lidell Simpson (University of Miami, FL, USA)

“A taste of Moscow” 

14:30 Lunch

15:30 Discussion (Conservatory)

17:00 break

19:00 Closing Ceremony (Rachmaninov Hall)

Svetlana Rudenko and Maura McDonnell (Trinity College Dublin, UK)

Cristine Söffing (EMU-Ensemble, Center for Music & Art, Ulm University, Germany)

Tim Doyle (composer, UK) “Bealtaine Suite”


Performance on experimental electronic instruments accompanied by an academic chamber orchestra


EEG suite: experimental scientific and musical performance (musical performance, listening activity, EEG)