Announcing Our Moscow Keynote Speaker: Dr. Richard Cytowic

The IASAS, in partnership with our collaborating organizations, is delighted to announce that Dr. Richard Cytowic will present as the Keynote Speaker for Synaesthesia: Cross-sensory Aspects of Cognition across Science and Art. This symposium and its parallel series of arts events will be held in Moscow, Russia, October 17th through 20th 2019.

Richard E. Cytowic, MD, MFA is best known for returning synesthesia back to mainstream science after decades of disbelief. When he rediscovered it in 1979 his neurology colleagues dismissed the trait as bogus, warning that it was “too weird, too New Age” and would “ruin” his career — a typical reaction of orthodoxy to whatever it cannot or does not wish to understand.

Today, synesthesia is recognized as fundamental to understanding the human mind and the human condition. How do we understand people who are not like us? How do non–synesthetes understand cross–sensory metaphors like “loud color” or “sweet person?” These are just some of the questions this captivating perceptual trait raises.

Dr. Cytowic speaks to cultural institutions and performance venues worldwide. Past invitations include the Library of Congress’s “Music and the Brain” symposium, NASA, IBM’s brain-inspired computing, the Smithsonian Institution, the Istanbul Biennale, and the Hirshhorn museum. Three BBC documentaries chronicle his pioneering work.

He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from American University and is an alumnus of Duke, Wake Forest, and George Washington Universities, along with London’s National Hospital for Nervous Diseases. He is currently Clinical Professor of Neurology at George Washington University.

A Grand Collaboration

There’s a traditional Russian proverb that speaks to the value of alliances, coalitions, and teamwork:

“Бери́сь дру́жно, не бу́дет гру́зно”

“If all of us take hold of it together, it won’t feel so heavy” 

The IASAS is working diligently toward a grand collaboration in one of the world’s most captivating cities. Envision crisp air, leaves dappled in fall hues, as well as fewer tourists at Moscow’s remarkable museums and historical sites. Consider your many opportunities to hear the latest scientific findings on cross-modal perception, and to witness stunning art created by neurodivergent artists. Imagine a happy reunion with familiar colleagues, and a chance to make new friends within the synaesthesia community.

Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons to visit Moscow. Please join The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists in October 2019 as we launch a series of events in beautiful Russia, including our Second Synaesthesia Symposium, hosted by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

The IASAS is delighted to partner with several exceptional organizations as we foster a grand collaboration celebrating the art and science of synaesthesia. We are honored to have the co-creative support and participation of:

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Fundación Internacional Artecittà

United Kingdom Synesthesia Association

Russian Synesthesia Association

American Synesthesia Association 

Additional collaborators will be announced in the coming months, along with information about participating speakers, presenters, events, and venues.

We look forward to greeting you in Moscow with a warm Здравствуйте! You can learn more ways to say “hello” in Russian here.

CC Hart
IASAS Secretary


Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) @ UCLA

IASAS is delighted to support our Dance Coordinator and Synesthesia Dance Experience Artistic Director Appelusa in her presentation this evening at LASER, hosted by the University of California Los Angeles and the California Nanosystems Institute. Appelusa will speak about her experiences with multiple forms of synesthesia, and her determination to reveal polysynesthesia through her visual art. Joining Appelusa at LASER tonight are synesthete and master perfumer Daniel Krasofski, and Building Bridges Art Exchange Special Exhibitions Coordinator Daniel Schuster. Check out our live stream of this evening’s event here.

UCLA June 7


IASAS featured in The Huffington Post


The IASAS sponsored art exhibit “Synaesthesia: what is the taste of the color blue? is featured in the Huffington Post! Art critic, curator, and essayist Shana Nys Dambrot explores the impact of this interactive exhibition in her article “Please Do Touch the Art: What is the Taste of the Color Blue, at BBAX”. Ms. Drambot’s critique appears in the October 16th edition. And, the featured image “Blue Door” is by our very own IASAS Founding member and multi-talented artist Appelusa!

Additionally, Synaesthesia: what is the taste of the color blue? has been extended. Originally slated to close on October 21st, this exhibition has been held over to November 25th. If you’re in Los Angeles, please be our guest at this exciting installation. Admission is free to the public.

Tonight! Kaitlyn Hova at BBAX

Kaitlyn Hova and the Hovalin

Violinist, synaesthete, and entrepre-nerd Kaitlyn Hova wowed the audience at the IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium at UCLA Art|Sci Center with her performance on the Hovalin. This 3D printed violin was a labor of love for Kaitlyn and her husband Matt, but after many iterations, the final creation is stunning.

Join IASAS on October 21st at 5:00PM for Kaitlyn Hova in a rare Los Angeles area performance. Kaitlyn will talk about her experiences with synesthesia and play her Hovalin, which has been fitted with a luminous LED array that makes the instrument glow in the colors Kaitlyn sees when she hears specific pitches.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Saturday October 21st at 5:00PM

Building Bridges Art Exchange
2525 Michigan Avenue Unit F2
Santa Monica, CA

Thursday October 19th: Dr. Joel Salinas MD

Dr. Joel Salinas, MD, MBA

The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists is honored to present an evening with Dr. Joel Salinas, MD, author of Mirror Touch; notes from a doctor who can feel your pain. On Thursday October 19th at 6:00PM Dr. Salinas with read from his captivating memoir at the Building Bridges Art Exchange gallery in Santa Monica, California, where attendees with be immersed in a stellar installation of synaesthetic art. A reception co-hosted by the Art|Sci Center at UCLA and Building Bridges Art Exchange will follow Dr. Salinas’ reading.

Mirror-Touch: notes from a doctor who can feel your pain will be available for purchase at this October 19th event, courtesy of Diesel Bookstore Brentwood, who will operate a “pop-up” bookshop. Additionally, Dr. Salinas will autograph your edition of Mirror Touch, as time permits.

This event is FREE and open to the public. Looking forward to seeing you on October 19th!


The Fourth Dimension

What is the key to a 4D experience? Is synaesthesia the portal to a multi-sensory adventure?The IASAS invites you to join us in Southern California for Synaesthesia Dance Experience: A 4D Multisensory Show. At #SDE2017, multimedia artists and dancers will collaborate with technology to showcase their individual forms of synaesthesia, the crossing of senses. Please join us on October 1st, 2017 at The Actor’s Gang in Culver City, California for an unprecedented creative collaboration. Tickets on sale soon….

California Dreamin’


Fall is exceptionally pretty in SoCal. Cool, often overcast mornings give way to warm days and clear skies. It’s the perfect season to visit Los Angeles, even more so this autumn as IASAS launches a series of events focused on synaesthesia. Centered at the UCLA campus in the Westwood neighborhood, and the Building Bridges Art Exchange in Santa Monica, IASAS will host art installations, musical performances, lectures, and an academic synaesthesia symposium. Additionally, we are collaborating with LA Roller Girl and synesthete artist Appelusa as she creates an evening of music and dance curated through the lens of cross modal perception.

Hope to see you in sunny California!

CC Hart,
IASAS Secretary