Thank you Moscow!

On behalf of The IASAS, I would like to thank all of our participants and collaborators for creating a truly stellar conference. From academic presentations to musical performances, our 5 days of exploration into synaesthesia and the synaesthetic experience were full of opportunities to connect with fellow synaesthetes, artists, and scientists. I will never forget the hospitality of our Russian colleagues, and the delight of exploring Moscow at night. We hope Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects of Cognition across Science and Art was a productive and inspiring symposium for each of you.

See you in 2021!

CC Hart, IASAS Secretary

Moscow at night; Svetlana Rudenko, Sean Day, Richard Cytowic; Sean Day, James Wannerton, Anton Dorso
Abiola Ogunsanwo, Jülide Gök, Mark Knaier, Annika Johnson; detail from Valentina Tereshkova by Timothy Layden; Carol Steen, Jasmin Sinha, Svetlana Rudenko, CC Hart, Christine Söffing
MSUPE President Vitaly Rubtsove, Joerg Jewansky, Richard Cytowic, Christine Söffing, CC Hart, Anton Dorso, Sean Day; Carrie Firman’s illustrations of Klüver’s form constants; Kazan Cathedral
Moscow at night; Tchaikovsky Conservatory oboist with Peter Theremin; Christos Parapakgidis
Svetlana Rudenko and CC Hart at the conference dinner, St. Regis Nikolskaya; St. Basil’s Basilica at night; Maura McDonnell, Svetlana Rudenko, Carol Steen, and James Wannerton
Still from “Synesthesia and Art” by Greta Berman and Carol Steen; close up of Christos Parapakgidis’ “Solomon’s Case” installation; art at MSUPE including works by Timothy Layden, Marcia Smilack, and Geri Hahn
Geri Hahn’s art from And, But, Or; Geri Hahn, Ann LePore, and Maura McDonnell; That Which Cannot be Said With Words, works by Carrie Firman

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